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Valentines 2017
Thank you to those who entered!!!

You can view all entries here:

Thank you Axcell-Excels for making the submission guideline sheets for the lost lambs.

So...I have really good eyes.
Like...really good eyes. And by that, I meant binoculars. My binoculars see really well.

There was this couple that lived a few trees distance across from mine.
Okay, they’re not like special. I just…you know, stare at trees, squirrels, observe things around me.

Anyways, sometimes the couple had sex with their blind undrawn. I didn’t mean to pry but they were right there. I couldn’t avert my gaze. I mean, I could, but do I want to? Hahah no.

Sometimes they hugged by the door. Smiling, laughing.
Sometimes they sat apart in silent. Maybe a fight?

Then I didn’t see the guy for awhile.

About a few months later, the guy returned. No wait, new guy.

And for years, I watched, the girl stayed but the men came and went.

Today is Valentine’s Day and for once I watched her lone figure lurking about the room.

(A fictional status inspired by real life. No I do not have binoculars to spy on my neighbors lmfao.)
First Valentine's Day
Hey Soulmate,
I think every other Valentine's Day, I have written some passive aggressive shiet wondering where you were hiding etc.
For years, even though I haven't met you, I still miss you.

It had been a very, very long arduous wait. We both ran into the arms of the wrong people, time and time again.

Finally, after all this time, our paths have crossed. I wake up to the sun shining on your face each day and couldn't be happier you are finally (cushing the hell out of) I to my arms.

We spent our first Christmas together with me fighting some infection for 2 weeks. First New Year with you throwing up your intestines like a pterodactyl, rumbling the entire house each time.

And of course, our first Valentine's Day together was spent with us both fighting a stomach flu and throwing up anything that touches our tongues. Lmao.
I have not met someone with worse luck than me, until now.

Hahah I hope our first anniversary won't be us both hit by a meteor or something...

Anyways, hahah I guess we are starting to get that first step of "In sickness and in health" part down?

Still, I'm thankful for every time you:
Told me to "Get off my butts and draw Nightmare Factory" or "Don't give up, I'll fight you."
For every time you brought food to my table as I draw like a mad man.
For every hug you've given me even during every argument.
For laughing at my puns. Or you'll get PUNched. Hahaha. Hah. How do you tolerate this? Damn.
The list goes on.
You spoil me rotten. I think I smell like the walking dead at this point.

Anyways, you're more than I can ask for in a lover.

Finally, after all this time, I have someone to address my "Dear Soulmate" letters to,
Thank you, Felipe.

PS: I commissioned your favorite artist to draw us (aka me)! LMFAO Hope you like it!
Who am I kidding?

On other note:

If you want to toss money at a snail and help it creates comics without stressing out about dying on the streets without a roof, you can become a patreon at

Every dollar is precious.

If you wanna stick to Tapastic then there's a "tipping" function that is ONLY AVAIL on the MOBILE app of Tapastic. You can download it and tip virtual Tapastic coins which will be converted to real money for the artists. 


Other ways of supporting:

Simply reading, sharing (with credits) and commenting on my works are all effective in feeding my artist's soul.

Read stuff here:


Nightmare Factory:



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ERZA-Scar Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant
Can I please interview you for my school project please
ERZA-Scar Featured By Owner 1 day ago  New Deviant
Tsarmina-chan Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
YAAAAY I'm so flattered you fav'd my piece of trash sketch XDDD This little angler is happy now ^^ Baby Dory - Icon 
SnaiLords Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
I think your sketch was very well drawn. =D The faces look good.
Tsarmina-chan Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
o/////o I got a reply waaaat XD I feel like a crazy fangirl hahaha~ Thank youuuu~
Kitsunekit19 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Snailogy is quite the oxymoron. It's like saying it's a "little bear"...starts out rather small and adorable and then BAM! in your face with the awesome. I love it. Nightmare Factory give me both the chills and the giggles. The sad part is that I can't help laugh at the parts that are supposed to be scary >.> I digress... What I wanted to say was "THANK YOU!". No really...You have given your readers or "anglers" something to look forward to. Something that they can relate to and say "Haha yup that happened to me yesterday but DA-YUM that was funnier when he said it!" So from the bottom of my circulatory organ, I L-Word you. 

P.S. I'm pretty sure my brother had a hardcore obsession with you, 'Tis how I began reading your stuff.
AngelDemonKay Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2017  New Deviant
Your art is amazing! You are kinda like me. i'm gender fluid and like to draw too. i had a hard time for a while, but now i'm surrounded by people you like me for me. i actually be here today if it wasn't for you. so i wanna say thank you for saving me from the voices in my head. your art was so amazing so i draw now, but forget to put it on my profile. people now see me to draw things for them. so i wanna say thank you so much for being there for me, even though you didn't know about this. thank you so much! Keep drawing and help people like you helped me. Stay awesome!
SnuggleBunny84 Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017
I love you so much,you give me more courage to start my own web comic!
well when I can afford the internet that is lmao -_-  !!!!!!!
LadyShadowknight Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017  New Deviant
Could someone please help me submit my art for the valentines contest I can't figure it out... I would really appreciate it my angler family😊
writingbubble Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2017
I think I found myself yet another obsesion to ruin my already ruined life XD 
(translation : imma stalk u!!! -ò.ó-)
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