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Oct 22, 2014
2:26 am
Oct 22, 2014
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Oct 22, 2014
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Oct 22, 2014
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Oct 22, 2014
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The Part of Me by SnaiLords
The Part of Me
My comics are the part of me that they can never take away from me~
'til Death do us part.

On the last strips about handwriting analysis and personality.

I wonder what my art/comics say about my personality to you? Hahah.

I'm hardcore procrastinating on art assignments. And gym. And everything. Here's my favorite song at the moment… eff it all
Written in the lines by SnaiLords
Written in the lines
No color because I stuffed my face with so much junk I need to repent at the gym. Like yesterday.

Hahah now I'm gonna have 2 reactions. "Analyze my handwritings" or *scuddle away in darkness with handwriting* "Thou shalt not read me."

I don't like telling people what I see. Sometimes it's negative things. People get on defensive mode and deny it.

Sometimes I don't see anything worth personality isn't outstanding.

LOL I like reading 1.RED FLAGS (like sociopathic red flags) 2. Strong personalities.

Since I'm no professional and if you don't use information, you forget (I read books on graphology on and off 1-2 years ago and still in the learning process). The more similar your writing is to mine. Or to personality that I like. The more I can decode it. Since the markers show the same traits. It's easier to identify.

God, I geek over such random stuff.
Your Future Boyfriend by SnaiLords
Your Future Boyfriend

Hahah inspired by my lil sis and her fortune telling session.
We joked around about her human anatomy bones being the "guys" she was supposed to meet. And her other guys would be "Here's Chemistry, Calculus."

In the spirit of my favorite holiday of the year, Halloween. I will randomly post random short creepy-ish strips. If I feel like it. lol
Welcome to my basement by SnaiLords
Welcome to my basement
^^ Lol Time for a new proper page banner or something. For the new watchers, I refer to my watchers/followers as "captive souls" that I lock in my basement.

I haven't been able to respond to comments as much as I want to >_<. But just letting you know I do read them.

Thank you guys for following up until now and for reading whatever spam I decide to post lol.
And if you're new, well, you're not leaving now. =)

(Actually made this for Tapastic)
Follow advices at your own risks. lol

Hi, my personal FB account under Aidyn Anh Huynh has been filled up and I can't no longer add anyone.
If any of you lovely basement captives aka. watchers want to reach me via FB, you can find me here.

However, unlike the other… run by Lizzy aka Iloveyou257. There won't be art posted. page is personally ran by this Snail and will have video updates. Pictures. Etc and occasional statuses ^^. Therefore, if such thing bothers you, lol then only like the… for the art updates.

In short:
Art updates fanpage ran by Iloveyou257…

Videos/pictures/status updates ran by me, SnaiLords /Aidyn
The page is brand new. Therefore, I can guarantee I will respond when comments are left on that page. ^^

Find me, my loves. 


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95 deviants said #5 Kayumitchi
77 deviants said #3 Sagitary1211
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Pffft. Carrying firewood for my grandma right
well there were villages of snails living in the wood pile... ono
Thought of you as I was trying to save them
...all ewe'
RIP snails that didn't make it.
hateandloveattack Featured By Owner 2 days ago
I'm doing Lector
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Hannibal Lecter?
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hateandloveattack Featured By Owner 2 days ago
What are you doing for Halloween?  If I post what I made would you wanna see it? I worked hard, I want to do artsie photos......
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XD Leak them sexy photos to me lol
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