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Nov 22, 2014
9:08 pm
Nov 22, 2014
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Nov 22, 2014
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Nov 22, 2014
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Nov 22, 2014
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Artists 3 by SnaiLords
Artists 3
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And that's it. ^^
I think that was my artist statement.
Kreyul can be found here
He was created when I was 16. But I kept changing my stories, character development, so haven't been working on his story as much. 

Anyhow, my brain went on depressive mode for the past few weeks. I turned to manga and comics for a week. (Haven't read anything in months lol...I want to stay pure and uncontaminated by other artists' styles and ideas)

But your brain remembers what it did before when it was stressed I was compelled to watch random anime lol (I usually read them. Dont like watching)

It finally dawned on me. Holy shiet. If it weren't for those artists whose stories I read when I was little, I wouldn't even be here. If those artists had looked down on themselves the way I did, and didn't create anything. I wouldn't be here. Amazing how someone can influence you even though you'd probably never meet each other in this lifetime.

^^ So yeah, I decided to stop moping around and drew this.

My hand is beaching so the last page is RUFF. lulz.
Curses by SnaiLords
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lol I'm gonna go pass out now. Night.
Been awhile since I drew the female side...

Bad Luck is so gonna pursue me now. Eff it. lol

Findings by SnaiLords
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1. Discerning lies from writing, is pretty hard. LOL

Personality analysis part of it is slightly easier.

Hahah And of course it wasn't all "negative". There are a lot of intelligent, thirsty for knowledge life forms with love of books. Some romantic, honest, imaginative and friendly beings as well. ^^

I haven't had the chance to go through all the handwritings. From the samples I see so

I told my roommates what I think of some of the handwritings. Because I feel like some might belong to troubled individuals.

Ruby: Have you talked to them?

Me: No. lol I can't do feels.

Ruby: I think you'll make a good psychologist minus the fact you don't give a crap.

Emotions are tricky. I'm no professional psychologist and if I inadequately handle your feelings (which I will) I might damage you even more.

Also, since I'm still learning. I just might be wrong in what I see.

But it's hard to confirm whether my findings are right or wrong. Most people tend to get defensive, especially when it comes to vulnerable things or negative traits. (Understandably) For positive traits that I'd name, they mostly agree. Until I get to the negative traits, then suddenly, mostly wrong.

Since I'm still learning. And many of your handwritings have unfamiliar traits. I'd have to bury my head back in books to figure them out.

I'm going to be such a snail shuffling through all the samples. Be patient, Angler Fishes. lol
So, I'm getting to the harder part of handwriting analysis.

Here comes the trial and errors but mostly errors part.

Submit a handwritten sample of a 3 things. 2 truths and 1 lie (2-3 sentences each).

Identify the first lie like
"I hate red velvet cupcakes. They taste like crap." < that's a lie

Then proceed to write a truth and a lie (doesn't matter which order). In separate sentences. Don't tell me which is a lie or truth.
I'll have to identify it myself. (This shiet is hard)

You can take a photo of your writing and link it to me. Or just post onto my FB wall

Thank you ^^
Follow advices at your own risks. lol


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I was actually wondering where you found your information for graphology? (It sounds like one of those strange things that would interest me.)

thanks :)

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