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We are anEsexual here!
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Jan 30, 2015
9:09 pm
Jan 30, 2015
9:08 pm
Jan 30, 2015
9:02 pm
Jan 30, 2015
8:56 pm
Jan 30, 2015
8:53 pm



The Climb by SnaiLords
The Climb
View with nice music here lol
Dont worry, not sang by Miley lol

**(Kreyul is temperature confused. Cold is hot, hot is cold. Lmao.
I drew him in a tank top on purpose) 
And it just had to dramatically snow today. Just had to. lol

Yes, I lost the Webtoon contest.

Feels like a zombie ripped my chest open, and is dining on my beating heart or something along those lines.

I think I told myself no matter what happens, don't beat myself over it. But easier said than done.
It's just that since the moment I was born, my art was barely noticed. Hahah Rejected from school galleries several times. Lost every single art contest I ever dared to enter.

For once, I'd like to see a change. But no lol.

Took me 3 goddamn years to gain a small fan-base. Every single step is on hot coals.

Can't even color this strip due to hand injuries.

It's ok. Misery is my inspiration. If I'm not miserable. I'm not Snailords.
^^ The judges are just a panel of a few.
Their opinions do not validate who I am as an artist.

I have a sweet fan-base, and you, who I create for.
Those who enjoy my artworks ^^ and that's all that matters in the end.

I still gotta cry real quick thou like. Damn, 30K could have paid so many bills hahah
*cries a river larger than Niles, enough to hydrate a village going through a drought.

So since Webtoon offered me a contract previously, which I declined. (If I accepted, I would not have been eligible for the contest). They told me to let them know anytime in the future that I'd like to work for them. 
I contacted them, so now I just have to wait.

snailords fan button by the-real-Nyan
Thank you the-real-Nyan for making this button hahah

Snail's Horror Story by SnaiLords
Snail's Horror Story
view a bunch of "Snailed It" pages on Tapastic here

Lazy coloring because drawing this page of Kreyul damaged my hand.

I need a break...but 2 days until the winner announcement of Webtoon contest. I'm feeling restless.
I should get out of the house and hit the gym or something.

Nightmare Exchange 30 by SnaiLords
Nightmare Exchange 30
Easier and organized pages on

Previous: Nightmare Exchange29 by SnaiLords
Next: In my head 

Lol I'm debating if I want to end this soon...or have them go through another trial...Maybe end it soon.… Follow on FB for sketches updates
Fancy Cover by SnaiLords
Fancy Cover
Emai is featured in Kreyul
More random strips with polished colorings on Webtoon…

^^ Like/fav/share those strips so it doesn't feel too lonely over there.

So many ideas to draw, not enough of hand functionality

Reaction to Romance Stuff by SnaiLords
Reaction to Romance Stuff
Sorry, reupload, the last file was being a beech.

A bunch of strips on webtoon here…

Just one last day before Webtoon contest ends. The rating doesn't really matter. Liking/fav/sharing of each individual comic page counts toward the popularity of the entire series. Do your thing, mah luvz.

Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 8.26.27 PM by SnaiLords
^^ Lulz it's like a Hunger game for artists. One prize, and everyone is thirsty for it. (For a good reason) The rating buttons are abused by competitors. Do help my rating from dropping further than it already has by up voting the comics…

10/10 is the highest. Rate Snailogy whatever you think it deserves.

Or simply like all the pages if you have already done ratings awhile back. Thank you <3

I'm so damn nervous lol only a week left. So many good arts.

Thank you, my luvs.

^^ New video. Enjoy~

or not.

I don't know. Such confidence lol


Kreyul comics should be 

387 deviants said Doesn't matter, just draw, dammit.
207 deviants said Colored comics as is
20 deviants said Black and white manga format


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Ai-Rain Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  New member Student General Artist
Hello there Lords of the Snail~ :heart:

I just wanted to say that I've spent the last couple days browsing through your gallery and reading your comics when I was supposed to be doing school work. ;v;
I knew I shouldn't, but I just couldn't help myself either aahhhhh~ TTwTT

Your characters are all so awesome and feel so much like real people, I find myself almost thinking of them as such. I've caught myself looking forward to seeing all the different characters and mentally referring to them as real life being multiple times now. Your style is also very unique and interesting, as well as very pleasing to look at. The way you color is also hella beautiful~

I'm also very intrigued, for a lack of a better word, by you. I love to see the differences between Aidan and Domina, as well as just seeing YOU, as in Aidyn, the snail. From what I've seen, you always have an awesome sense of humor and the ability to put forward a good face despite all the crap that's going on around you, regardless of which spirit's in control at that moment.

I also really relate to your problems with dating to some degree. I, personally, haven't had any actual dating experiences, but I also crave some kind of connection. I'm pretty sure I'm asexual/anesexual, but I also want the emotional/mental stuff, ya know? Omfg wtf is this an biography? Obviously not the same as what you go through, but I don't know, it felt relevant, since you sometimes seem to be very anti-people...

You're also Also=word of the day//slapped a VERY big inspiration to me! I found you a couple months ago and thought I could get your work off my mind by binge-ing it out, but I was so effing wrong. I'm completely addicted, inspired, and officially captured. I hope you enjoy the new stalker in your basement, because I know I'll enjoy being there~ :heart:

Anglerfish #5,622
the-real-Nyan Featured By Owner 3 hours ago  Student General Artist
AmyNChan Featured By Owner Edited 3 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
To SnaiLords by AmyNChan

thanks for faving~!  *^_^*
popolis Featured By Owner 7 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
whoah, I confess, I've read ALL your comics and went through all deviations of yours since they hooked me up. seriously. [small note: I made all this in few hours...]
dude/bro/misster, you just got yourself half-active watcher [fave&run type, sorry about that 8D]
but all in all, I really like your style of drawing [shading especially~ teach me your ways, sensei!] and the creativity in all those comic stripe [they really made me smile] x3 
and--- OFC I fell for Kreyul~ :iconpervheplz:

well then...
sorry for the rant/long message, but I doubt this express all the feels.
also sorry for taking your time *bows*
OFF I GO~ *leaves embarrassed*
the-real-Nyan Featured By Owner 10 hours ago  Student General Artist
whats your favorite color? i think your least favorite was blue but plz tell me its important!...kinda~
RevRun14 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
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RMugi Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Your comics are enjoyable to read, glad I found you on dA. :)
PikaStar125 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm in love with you work! Your style is amazing and your comics are sooo well done. I found you on webtoons and i always check it everyday to see if you uploaded a new comic. I'll always keep rooting for you!
kook210 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Oh my gosh! Thank you so much for the favorite! You should've seen my reaction when I got the notice! I was about to squeal... A bit too girly for me... But thank you so much! You're like my idol!
SnaiLords Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Idol? ERH GERD don't make me faint out of shear pleasure now.

XD Thank you for creating that piece!
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