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July 14
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Lucky Sunofa by SnaiLords Lucky Sunofa by SnaiLords
Finally home today, and can update comics.
Though my hand hurts now. Time to refrain self from drawing.

Why am I hungry every other hour?
No, not sure if hungry or bored...and just wanna feast.
Stop it self, stop. 

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Archsider Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I feel yah :<
KZ-jello Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014
Oh gosh... so true -.- I inherited all of my dad's genes, and his side of the family is all chubby and hairy. My mom on the other hand... doesn't exercise, can eat junk food, and stay super slim! And she always offers me food... GOTTA FIGHT TEMPTATION! Yeah people always say how my mom's really good looking, and I'm just like "yeah, i got all my dad's genes" lol
Angel-Dust-Ryuuki Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Student General Artist
Some people have really high metabolisms.
willowspritex3 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
I hate to say it, but I'm one of those people who can't gain weight either. My stomach can be a black hole and I still won't gain a pound. It's not even a good thing, trust me. Tsk tsk.
ZeiraChy00 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm fat and sometimes i just aint't care..just need to stay away from the mirror for a while... anyway why non-humans should care about human's everyday problems..? It's still  amazing how much your effort in it though..
animething7 Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
im lucky i guess? i eat and eat and barely gain weight. which kind of sucks coz up until i started working at a distribution center my ribs always poked out like i was starving
addesin Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Student General Artist
Haha, I'm one of those sonofabeautifulmothers. Hate me. lmao

But I'm of the believe that you should eat whatever you want and your weight shouldn't matter as long as your happy (then again, if you're happiest being at a smaller weight... I guess that's a different story?) idk...
OrigamiSoldier Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I envy your commitment. I am too lazy. -flails tentacles-
in-no-hurry2grow Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
They say if you eat a lot of fruit, your metabolic rate increases.

2 or 3 years ago, I ate cake and pizza every day and didn't gain anything, so I didn't stop...
until I found out cholesterol existed.

Stay healthy!
cmd1095 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I eat junk food and don't gain weight, as a result I'm skinny enough you can see my skin tremble each time my heart beats... be happy you're not me
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